Dreampad net worth

Dreampad net worth: The DreamPad is an innovative and therapeutic pillow that’s designed to assist relaxation, and induce a peaceful nights rest, with sound and music that’s delivered on to the user’s internal ear. Randall Redfield, from Long Island, New York, co-founded Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) in 2007 with the aim of improving health, and reducing stress, through the utilization of music and movement.

With an important specialise in research and development, ILS eventually developed the DreamPad, a totally new sort of product to combat our increasingly stressful lives.

So far the sharks had kept things relaxing and stress-free for Randall, but Kevin O’Leary wanted to debate the elephant within the room, namely the $8 million valuation for the DreamPad business.

I’ll tell you what’s keeping me awake at night’ he said and commenced talking about the valuation, but Lori tried to shut him down, repeatedly urging her fellow shark ‘Don’t go there yet’. Kevin wasn’t getting to be silenced though, ‘It’s a speaker during a pillow for eight million dollars’ he complained.