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Doug ford son in law

Doug ford son in law : Sergeant Dave “Juggernaut” Haynes of the 31st Division has handed in his badge, one month after Doug Ford’s oldest daughter Krista went on a sweaty anti-vax tirade about her husband being suspended for failing to conform to the vaccination requirement of the Toronto Police Service.

As is their custom, Krista and Dave are framing this as yet another injustice against vaccine-hesitant individuals, despite the fact that many people would argue that the conclusion of Haynes’ twenty-year career on the force appears to be more of something that the now-former sergeant did to himself.

Doug ford son in law
Doug ford son in law

Douglas Robert Ford Jr. MPP is a Canadian businessman and politician who was born on November 20, 1964. He has been serving as the 26th and current Premier of Ontario since June 2018, and he has been the Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party (PC Party) since March 2018. In the Ontario Legislative Assembly, he is the representative for the Etobicoke North electoral district, which is located in the city of Toronto.

Ford, along with his brother Randy, is a co-owner of the printing company Deco Labels and Tags, which was established by their father, Doug Ford Sr., when he was serving as a Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) from 1995 to 1999. The company is active in both Canada and the United States. Doug Ford Sr. also founded the company. Between the years 2010 and 2014, Ford served as a member of the Toronto City Council representing Ward 2 Etobicoke North. During that same period, his brother Rob Ford served as Mayor of Toronto.

In 2014, Ford stood for mayor of Toronto and finished in second place, behind John Tory. John Tory won the election. Ford was elected as the leader of the Conservative Party in 2018, and under his guidance, the party gained a majority of seats in both the general election in 2018 and the general election in 2022.

Anti-vaccinationists and conspiracy theorists will recognize it as their calling card. Their simplistic brains are unable to assimilate the knowledge required to make well-informed judgments, and as a result, they become incensed and belligerent. These are their temper tantrums, replete with lovely fucking repercussions, much like a toddler who is frustrated because a square peg cannot be inserted into a round hole.

Ford was the second of four children to be born to Doug Bruce Ford Sr. and Ruth Diane Ford (née Campbell), and he was the second child to be born in Etobicoke, Ontario. His maternal grandparents came to the United States from England. He graduated from Scarlett Heights Collegiate Institute in 1983 after having attended the school for a total of five years. After that, he went to Humber College for a total of two months before withdrawing from the school with no diploma.

In the 1990s, Ford was engaged in the management of Deco Labels and Tags, a company that his father had co-founded in 1962. His father had been a co-founder of the company. The firm manufactures pressure-sensitive labels for use on food goods that are packaged in plastic. In 2002, Doug Jr. was promoted to the position of president of the firm, and it was under his leadership that the business expanded into Chicago.

doug ford son

As he was nearing the end of his life, his father split the firm amongst his three sons, leaving 40 percent each to Doug Jr. and Randy, and 20 percent each to Rob. Doug Jr. initiated the acquisition of Wise Tag & Label in New Jersey in 2008 and simultaneously terminated the employment of the company’s management.

Former workers of Deco have speculated that Doug Jr. did a good job of managing the Chicago location while he was in charge and that he was respected by his subordinates. However, they believe that the firm did poorly under Randy’s direction when Doug Jr. joined politics in 2010. As of the year 2011, both Ford and his mother were on the board of directors of the corporation, which was run by Randy, Ford’s brother.

Doug Holyday requested Deco to manufacture stickers for signs for his 1994 mayoral campaign in Etobicoke. This was the beginning of Ford’s participation in politics. Deco printed the stickers. Ford undertook the responsibility of campaigning for Holyday on his own time. After that, he became involved in his father’s campaigns for the position of Progressive Conservative MPP candidate in 1995 and 1999. In addition, he managed his brother Rob’s successful campaigns for council in 2000, 2003, and 2006, as well as Rob’s successful campaign for mayor in 2010.

Doug ford son in law
Doug ford son in law

Think about how incredibly self-absorbed you have to be to give up your whole profession just because you don’t give a damn about the feelings of other people.

During traffic stops, Ernie Haynes believes that he should be permitted to poke his drugged-up head inside other people’s vehicles despite the fact that he has never been vaccinated. Therefore, Ernie was fucked out of his job. It’s not hard at all. If Ernie is not immunized, he will not be able to perform the duties of a hands-on police officer effectively.

No one can sense they are walking super spreaders who have at least five times the virus load of their fellow vaccinated police officers. No one can. If Krista and Ernie had cared, they would have done the human math, which would have allowed Ernie to keep his job, and we would not get the impression that Krista is a self-centered slacker who has never held a job in her life.

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Krista Ford Haynes, daughter of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, has turned to Instagram to voice her displeasure over the fact that her husband, Dave Haynes, was supposedly placed on unpaid leave by the Toronto Police Services for not being vaccinated against measles.

Haynes has been outspoken about her opposition to vaccinations throughout the course of the epidemic. On Tuesday, she shared a story to her Instagram account showing a box that was packed with her husband’s belongings along with the statement, “I never expected to live to see this day. After twenty years on the job, he continued to serve with such devotion. after having recently been promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant.”

She followed up with an explanation of the cryptic tweet this morning, revealing how her husband had reportedly been placed on unpaid vacation because of his vaccination status. She also said that the leave was purportedly due to the fact that he had not been vaccinated.

More recently, she disclosed that her husband, Dave Haynes, had been placed on unpaid leave from his job with the Toronto Police Service for failing to comply with the force’s vaccine mandate. Despite this revelation, she remained optimistic that “the people behind all of this will be held accountable” because “evil does not win.”

No media organization, with the exception of a few online blogs, had made any room in their publication for the rantings of the Premier’s daughter. She was simply an ordinary citizen spreading disinformation and conspiracy theories on her personal Instagram account, just as hundreds of other individuals in the province do every day. The rationale for this was that Ms. Haynes was not using her relationship to Queen’s Park in any manner that was inappropriate.

Doug ford son in law
Doug ford son in law

Even if it was notable that the “people behind all of this,” in Ms. Haynes’s opinion, was largely her father, that in and of itself is not newsworthy since it is not interesting in and of itself.

Because of this, Ms. Haynes’s activism for anti-vaccination causes became a topic of public concern. In point of fact, an individual’s expectation of privacy can no longer be protected if they use a link to the Premier in order to sell tickets to an event that opposes vaccination. When Ms. Haynes goes on one of her anti-vaccine rants, journalists and other people shouldn’t be expected to politely look away from any longer. This is not to imply that Ms. Haynes is doing anything morally unjust by using her connection to Queen’s Park; her greater sin is trying to convince people not to accept a life-saving vaccine. Rather, her greater sin is trying to convince people not to accept a vaccine that can save their lives.