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Disneyland Paris Marriage Proposal

Disneyland Paris Marriage Proposal: When he proposed to her on a stage in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, he did it in the hopes that it would be the most ideal moment possible, taking place in the Happiest Place on Earth. These hopes, on the other hand, were crushed by an employee of Disneyland Paris who was dressed in a polo shirt and with Mickey Mouse ears fastened to a headband.

“My head was empty,” said Ante, who spoke on the condition that he be recognized only by his given name in order to safeguard his privacy and that of his now-fiancĂ©e. Ante spoke on the condition that he be known only by his given name.

Disneyland Paris Marriage Proposal
Disneyland Paris Marriage Proposal

The employee raced onto the platform just as Ante was taking the engagement ring out of his pocket. He grabbed it and then escorted the pair down the steps, where, according to a video of the event that was shared on Reddit last week, he indicated that they might finish their proposal.

Recently, a video of a single couple enjoying their time in Disneyland was uploaded to the internet. In the video, we see the gentleman, Ante, with whom Bored Panda was able to secure an interview, getting down on one knee and making an attempt to propose to his stunning significant other. Bored Panda managed to get in touch with Ante for the interview. I say “attempting” because not even a few seconds into it, an employee from Disneyland dashes in to completely derail everything.

Why? It would appear that access to this specific platform in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle was restricted by fencing. The worker grabbed the engagement ring out of the man’s hand and then slipped down the steps nearby while signaling that they should go to the location he was pointing at. The couple eventually did what the worker suggested.

It is surrounded by equipment, as well as pyrotechnics, which means that anyone who is not supposed to be there would be putting themselves in danger by being there. According to reports, Ante made his proposal rather close to the time a concert was supposed to begin, therefore timing was of the utmost importance.

Just before the video stops out at 21 seconds, we can see Ante approaching the staff in an attempt to explain the issue. However, the employee was having none of it, and the moment was destroyed as a result. Soon after that, people could be heard booing at the performance.

“Both my fiancee and I were confused by the situation. Our precious moment was lost forever. My fiancee and I weren’t even sure whether she had said yes to our proposal. We found a seat nearby, and I proposed to her by putting an engagement ring on her finger. After the video abruptly ended, Ante described what occurred next by saying that the two of them viewed the video of the proposal together on my phone.

Disneyland Paris Marriage Proposal
Disneyland Paris Marriage Proposal

However, Ante had already contacted a different worker, a female coworker, and gotten her consent to propose before making his move. only the fact that the employee who intervened did not appear to be aware of it.

Can I propose in Disneyland Paris?

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Disneyland Paris Marriage Proposal
Disneyland Paris Marriage Proposal

It was stated that the event took place on May 21 in Disneyland Paris, and the theme park has now issued an apology for the incident.

“We are sorry for the way in which this was handled, “Disney stated in a statement that they released to Newsweek and other publications. “We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused the couple and have promised to put things right.

Recently, the man who popped the question spoke up about the incident to the New York Times; however, he begged the newspaper not to use his real identity in the article.

Can I get married in Disneyland Paris?

When asked about the time when the ring was taken away from him, he stated, “My mind was empty.” “Disneyland is where dreams come true,” he continued. “The moment that we had was lost.”

The gentleman who resides in Germany continued by saying that his girlfriend had just answered his query when they were cut off at that moment. Since then, a Disney spokesman has issued an apology for the mishap in question.

On Thursday, the video that has now gone viral was first posted on Reddit with the following caption: “POS [piece of sh*t] spoiled my best friend’s moment. He sought permission beforehand.”

A man can be seen in the 21-second film getting down on one knee and proposing to his girlfriend at the Disneyland attraction in Paris, France. The location of the proposal is in France. After a few seconds, a male worker dashes in between them and seizes the engagement ring box out of the man’s hands. After that, the employee of the park led the couple to a metal gate by directing them away from the platform, which offered a picture-perfect view of the castle where Sleeping Beauty was kept.

Disneyland Paris Marriage Proposal
Disneyland Paris Marriage Proposal

The Disney employee’s instructions appeared to have left the newly engaged pair as well as the observers bewildered. It is observed that the male partner is telling the employee, “She said yes,” while pointing to the female employee of the theme park who gave permission to the male spouse to propose on the platform.

He said that he had been plotting the proposal ever since his fiancee had given him the tickets to Disneyland for Christmas. Ante stated that in the four years that they have been together, the enchantment of Disney has been a significant contributor to the development of their love.

According to him, he presented her with a rose encased in a glass dome early on in their relationship. This rose was meant to represent the enchanted rose from the story “Beauty and the Beast.” He added that they have seen almost all of Disney’s films and that he had struggled for months over when, where, and how to make the proposal. He also mentioned that they had seen almost all of Disney’s movies.

Ante said that by the time they arrived at the amusement park, he already felt like he could no longer wait until the fireworks show that was scheduled to take place in the evening. He explained, “I was too thrilled to think clearly.” He said that in order to gain permission to ascend to the stage, he had first spoken quietly into the ear of a member of the staff.