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Coke Bottle Hose Pipe Hack

Coke Bottle Hose Pipe Hack: After spending a lot of money on new attachments for the garden hose, the author of the film that was uploaded to YouTube said he did not have enough money to buy a sprinkler.

Luke, however, had an epiphany when he was down to the last few sips of a bottle of Coke and resolved to put his insight to good use.

Coke Bottle Hose Pipe Hack
Coke Bottle Hose Pipe Hack

Luke provided the following caption with a video of his brilliant low-cost sprinkler hack that he uploaded to Facebook: “Sorry for the mardy baby in the background – he’s teething…

“Just a little gardening tip: Use an empty soda bottle!” The resourceful mother showed her children how she had fitted an old plastic bottle to her sink’s faucet to direct the water flow via a hose and into the swimming pool in the backyard.

She commented, “How I got my kids paddling pool heated today, sure it took a long but far better than 10000 bucket trips.”

The lady said that although it is possible to buy hose tap connectors online, this free alternative completed the job promptly and was much more convenient.

The mother explained, “I am aware that adapters can be purchased, but when you haven’t had time to place an order for any, this is the next best thing.”

A father has revealed the ingenious summer tip he uses to fill a kiddie pool this time of year.

The resourceful parent has discovered the ideal solution to save time filling the paddling pool using a device that costs just £1.50. He will no longer have to lug buckets or kettles around the house to bring the water to the appropriate temperature.

He shared his discovery on TikTok and explained how he obtained the water using the kitchen faucet and the yard hose.

Coke Bottle Hose Pipe Hack
Coke Bottle Hose Pipe Hack

He came up with the brilliant idea of hooking up the hose to the water supply, which was the most suitable method to get the water in the pool up to the ideal temperature.

On TikTok, he posted his prank with the message, “How have I just now found out that they exist?”
In the little video, he quickly removes a kitchen faucet component and then replaces it with a screw connection from Tool Station that costs just 1.50 pounds.

A third voiced their opinion, stating, “This would save so much time and work!!!” Another person offered their opinion, saying, “No way, I’m going to test this the next time we need to fill the pool up.”

Although one individual described it as a “life changer!!,” another person noted that it was “mind blown.” Someone else also commented, “It only bloody works, doesn’t it? That day when we filled the paddling pool with a variety of different things.”

You may make a makeshift adaptor out of a balloon by cutting off the bulbous end and then stretching it to wrap around the faucet. This will create a seal around the faucet and enable water to flow through your hose pipe.

Because of this, you won’t have to go to the trouble of carrying water back and forth between your kitchen and your child’s wading pool.

The lady posted the following on the Facebook group entitled Craft n’ Creations, DIY n’ tips: “Just a simple suggestion for putting hot water in the pool without a tap adaptor.

Coke Bottle Hose Pipe Hack
Coke Bottle Hose Pipe Hack

“First, cut the top off a balloon (see images), then attach the piece that you cut to the hose, and last, connect the other end to the tap. You don’t need tape for this. It always works, and I’ve already uploaded several pictures. You may relax in the warm pool, and everyone should enjoy the beautiful weather. I hope that it helps all of you.

“Be sure that if the tap is the same as mine, the tap is facing the direction the hose runs. For example, my tap faces the window with the hose exiting through the window. You may use tape to wrap the tap and the balloon if necessary.

Other club members remarked on how excited they were about the hack, with one member noting that they wished they had known about it before purchasing the pool. Another person chimed in, saying, “now we know for the next time.”

The temperature was well over 100 degrees a few days ago, and the young girl was desperate for some summertime fun. Unfortunately, I did not own a lawn sprinkler, which would have made things much more manageable. I went to the recycle bin and took out a Coke bottle that was two liters in capacity.

I reached into my box containing various plumbing items and picked a spigot for a garden hose. This one may be screwed into a threaded pipe measuring 3/4 inches in diameter. That is near enough to the threads on a soda bottle for it to be possible to screw the bottle into the end of the fixture.

Coke Bottle Hose Pipe Hack

I connected a garden hose to the end of the fixture designated for the hose. This particular hose is a double-ended (female/female) hose analogous to a hose used for a washing machine. You may attach the fixture on the soda bottle to a typical outdoor garden hose faucet by using the female connector on both ends of the hose.

I used an awl to make three holes in the Coke bottle: two of the holes faced upward, while the third was angled outward.

Coke Bottle Hose Pipe Hack
Coke Bottle Hose Pipe Hack

You can also turn the soda bottle into a low-powered drinking fountain by changing the knob on the bottle, which transforms it from a high-powered spray to a drinking fountain.