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Clive Myrie Salary

Clive Myrie Salary;  £205,000-£209,999

Clive Myrie is an English media personality who now works for the BBC News channel. He has previously served as the BBC’s London World Affairs Correspondent and has anchored the BBC’s News at Six and BBC News at Ten programmes.

Clive Myrie Salary
Clive Myrie Salary

Parents of Clive Myrie

Myrie is the son of Lynne Myrie, who worked as a trained teacher in Jamaica before moving to the United States. Her Jamaican teaching credentials, on the other hand, was not recognised in the United Kingdom. She started working on her dressmaking skills. She worked at the same business that produced Harold Wilson’s iconic macs, and she designed gowns for Mary Quant and Marks & Spencer, among others.

She also designed and created the wedding gown for her daughter. His father worked at a factory as a labourer then as a foreman. It was tough for him to find work when he first came in the country from Jamaica. Finally, he worked for a plastics firm for more than 10 years until he was forced to retire.

Clive Myrie Salary
Clive Myrie Salary

He joined the BBC as a foreign correspondent in 1996 and has since reported from more than 80 locations across the world. He started off as the BBC’s Tokyo correspondent and then moved on to become the network’s Los Angeles correspondent from 1997 to 1999. In 2002, he was named Asia Reporter for the BBC, and he served as a correspondent in Paris from 2006 to 2007.

Wife of Clive Myrie

Catherine Myrie, Clive’s wife, is his life partner. A question and answer session revealed that his wife is his biggest inspiration since she provides him with the guts and space to achieve his ambition. It is not known whether or whether the couple has children.

Clive Myrie is a British actor and director who has appeared in a number of films, including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Myrie began working for the BBC as a graduate journalist in the corporation’s graduate journalism programme. The BBC hired him for his first job as a correspondent for Radio Bristol in 1988, and he stayed with them for a year before returning to the corporation. He subsequently worked as a reporter for Points West, and afterwards for BBC Television and Radio News, among other outlets.

Major events such as the impeachment of United States President Bill Clinton and the conflicts in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq have been covered by him. Myrie served as an embedded reporter with the 40 Commando Royal Marines during the coalition forces’ invasion of Iraq in March 2003, reporting from Baghdad. Initially joining them aboard HMS Ocean, and then later during operations on the Al-Faw Peninsula, he became a permanent member.

Clive Myrie Salary
Clive Myrie Salary

Myrie has received several nominations for his work, the most notable of which was for his participation in the Bafta-nominated team responsible for coverage of the Mozambique floods. He received the Bayeux-Calvados Award for war journalists for his coverage of ethnic strife on the island of Borneo, which earned him the honour.

His previous experience included working as a Europe reporter located in Brussels before being hired as a presenter on the BBC News Channel in April 2009. Since becoming a member of the BBC News team, Myrie has hosted the BBC Weekend News, as well as the weekend versions of the BBC News at Ten and the BBC Breakfast programmes, all broadcast on BBC One.

After a successful trial in June 2014, he started giving daily news updates on BBC One. After meeting an ETA operative in Paris, who gave her a video of the organization’s leaders declaring a unilateral ceasefire, Myrie broke the news that ETA had proclaimed a unilateral ceasefire in September 2010.

He has been presenting the 18:30 to midnight hour on the BBC News Channel from Monday to Thursday since 2011. On Election Tonight, which aired at 19:30 and 21:30 on BBC One during the 2015 general election, he was the primary presenter. Since 2019, Myrie has concentrated on the BBC One network bulletins, with the evening shift being provided by a group of relief presenters on the network.

As a result of the earthquake that rocked Kathmandu on April 25, 2015, Myrie was able to cover the rescue of two Nepali people who were discovered alive under two fallen buildings on April 30, 2015. The Rohingya refugee crisis prompted him to go to Bangladesh in October 2017 to report on the situation.

He has been on BBC World News on a number of occasions, including World News Today, World News America, and the 2016 US presidential election. On April 15, 2016, he appeared as a guest on Have I Got News for You, a BBC One news programme. During Richard Osman’s House of Games game show in September 2017, Myrie appeared as a panellist and answered questions.

Following the resignation of Fiona Bruce from Question Time, Myrie started anchoring the BBC News at Six and BBC News at Ten on alternating Fridays with Sophie Raworth in 2019. In the absence of Huw Edwards, he is currently the host of the BBC News at Ten on Fridays and Saturdays.

As part of its annual report, the BBC has revealed the most recent list of its highest-paid stars, which is available here.

Some stars have seen compensation increases, while others have seen their positions on the list slide.

For example, Zoe Ball’s profits from Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two are not included since the show is produced by BBC Studios, which is classified as a commercial company, and hence not included.

Because of the same reason, the stars of other high-profile programmes produced by BBC Studios, such as EastEnders and Top Gear, are also absent from the ceremony.

In the meanwhile, these are the presenters at the BBC who earned more than £150,000 in the 2019-2020 season and whose salaries were made public in the annual report:

Among the highest-paid employees at the business are Claudia Winkleman, Vanessa Feltz, and Zoe Ball, all of whom make more than £350,000 annually.

Since the list was originally released in 2017, this is the first time that three women have been in the top ten rankings.

Gary Lineker and Chris Evans are once again at the top of the list of the highest-paid BBC personalities, with both broadcasters earning in excess of £1 million.

Male presenters accounted for 60% of the 75 individuals included on the list, a decrease from 65% when the list was initially released in 2017.

Those who earned more than £150,000 between April 2018 and March 2019 are included in the BBC’s Annual Report, which is made public as part of the organization’s Annual Report.

Some performers and presenters who work for BBC Studios, the corporation’s commercial arm, are not included in the list, which does not provide a complete picture. As a result, stars from popular television series such as Top Gear and Doctor Who are missing from the list.

The data also indicate that several male stars, such as Jeremy Vine, John Humphrys, and Steve Wright, have accepted significant pay reductions, with Vine’s salary having been reduced by £150,000 from the previous year’s amount.

Newcomers include BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin, who earns £205,000, and news presenter Clive Myrie, who earns £200,000, while risers include Jo Whiley, who earns over £100,000 more than last year, and Lauren Laverne, who earns roughly £75,000 more than last year.