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Caesar’s Daughter Cheyenne’s Instagram

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Caesar Daughter Cheyenne Instagram: Ceaser Emanuel of Black Ink Crew seems to have had a rough start to his year since it is only two days into 2021, and his daughter Cheyenne is calling him out on Instagram. She refers to Ceaser as her sperm donor’ in a few Instagram story posts and states that she will never forgive him for his acts.

Caesar’s daughter Cheyenne does not have an Instagram account currently, but you can follow related tags on Instagram:

Caesar daughter Cheyenne Instagram
Caesar’s daughter Cheyenne’s Instagram

You’ve probably seen Cheyenne in a few episodes if you’re a fan. Though Ceaser has expressed a desire to improve his connection with his daughter in the program, things are not going as planned. Cheyenne said during her Instagram Live that Ceaser “placed his hands and feet on [her]” and also “stomped [her] out.” Additionally, she said that officers were sent to the location.

Though Cheyenne did not expressly state what transpired between her and her father, Suzette, Ceaser’s girlfriend, rushed to Instagram to make her accusations. Suzette reports in her Instagram story that Cheyenne refused to wash the dishes and that she may have suffered an old-fashioned butt whoppin’. “You want $600 wigs but don’t want to clean the dishes?” she said. Nowadays, children lack respect… they don’t respect their parents and want the world. Back in the day, speaking back earned you a whipped a**. This generation is unlike any other.”

Caesar daughter Cheyenne Instagram
Caesar’s daughter Cheyenne’s Instagram

Ceaser, the star of “Black Ink Crew,” is no stranger to controversy. Indeed, he’s had his share of drama on the program. However, regardless of how nasty some of his feuds have gone, there is one battle he wishes never occurred. Cease made news months ago when his girlfriend Suzette got into an altercation with his daughter Cheyenne. Indeed, they engaged in a verbal brawl on Instagram.

Cheyenne made it quite plain that she is not a fan of Suzette, accusing her of possessing a six-clip-on Prn Hub. Suzette responded by accusing the adolescent of having a busy s*x life. Suzette’s actions astounded the public, and she faced widespread criticism. Regardless, Cease did not publicly criticize Suzette.

Teddy confronts Cease about this in the forthcoming episode of “Black Ink Crew.” And although Cease believes Cheyenne was inappropriate to engage in a heated argument with an adult, Teddy believes Suzette exceeded the limit.

Suzette stated, “She was meant to wash dishes.” “You want to spend $600 on wigs but refuse to wash dishes?! Nowadays, children lack respect. Have no regard for their mother or father and want the world.”

What happened with black ink Ceaser’s daughter?

Cheyenne Emanuel, the 16-year-old daughter of Black Ink business owner Ceaser Emanuel, went live on Instagram in January 2021 to accuse her father of allegedly dragging her out of the shower and assaulting her while she was naked.

Having invited his gang to tattoo in his Atlanta shop after another closure in New York City due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Ceaser spoke up about the public conflict with the other artists.

Cheyenne was asked to live with him and Suzette in Atlanta because, according to the tattoo artist, she and her mother were having difficulties getting along during the shutdown. He stated that until she went to New York to see her mother, the three had an excellent connection with one other.

CĂ©sar referred to this as “the turning moment” since he feels his daughter returned to Atlanta “a new person” after that. The owner of the Black Ink stated that he asked her to clean the dishes, but she refused and instead chose to listen to music.

Caesar daughter Cheyenne Instagram
Caesar’s daughter Cheyenne’s Instagram

According to him, nothing occurred until she went home and made the abuse charges a couple of months later, at which point nothing happened. In his statement, Ceaser said that he felt “betrayed” by his daughter and that he could not understand why she accused him of placing his hands on her.

Ceaser claimed that Crystal’s social media statements and subsequent interviews were defamatory in papers that the media outlet claimed to have gotten from the company. He allegedly promised Crystal a letter from the Fulton County Department of Family and Children Services in Atlanta, expressing his hope that she would refrain from addressing the situation publicly. Still, she refused, and the letter was never sent.

For those unfamiliar with the “Black Ink” family drama, on Jan. 3, Cheyenne, then 16 years old, went to her Instagram Story to say that her father had “stomped” her out of the house. Cheyenne said, “The kind of disrespect I’ve had from my father, who pulled me out of the shower and then hit me while I was nude, is an issue.”

Throughout this turmoil, Crystal stood by her daughter’s allegations against her father. Ceaser was driven to initiate a defamation case against Crystal because of this. The Black Ink Crew artist had previously informed followers on Instagram that he had to break off his daughter’s relationship with him because she had lied to him.

Ceaser also believes he will never be able to forgive his daughter for what she has done. However, even Teddy, Teddy’s cousin, believes the lawsuit is taking things too far. He believes Ceaser is destroying his prospects of ever regaining custody of his daughter.

Is Ceaser still dating Suzette?

As the staff settled into their new surroundings at the Atlanta-based firm, Ceaser called his cousin, Teddy Ruks, to discuss the problem. Teddy, who has known Cheyenne since she was a child, said that he “hated” seeing everything that happened, particularly when it became widely publicized on social media platforms.

During their conversation, Cheyenne’s Instagram Live came up, and the store owner confessed that viewing the video “broke his heart.” Teddy had said that he thinks Ceaser’s ex-girlfriend Crystal is behind everything, claiming that she abandoned Ceaser when he decided to pursue tattooing as a full-time career because she didn’t feel that he would be successful. Teddy has come to feel she wants to be re-involved in Ceaser’s life.

Following the spread of reports regarding a probable domestic crisis between Ceaser and his daughter, Cheyenne, a flurry of back-and-forth on social media erupted. On the other hand, things have reached a new level, and fans believe that the current scenario between Cheyenne, Ceaser, and Crystal, the mother of his kid, may be irreversible.

Caesar daughter Cheyenne Instagram
Caesar’s daughter Cheyenne’s Instagram

What precisely transpired between Ceaser and his daughter is unknown. Make yourself comfy as we spill the beans.

In Season 9 of ‘Black Ink Crew,’ Ceaser spoke about the claims of abuse against him.
Come with me on this journey through time. The entrepreneur, according to Cheyenne, physically attacked her in January 2021, according to an Instagram Live video she posted. She said that the incident happened when she was staying with Ceaser and his girlfriend, Suzette, in Atlanta at the time of the incident.

As Crystal said in another Instagram post: “I truly hope we can move over this since my daughter is going to college next year.” My position in this situation is unfair since I opted to protect my daughter and fight for her rights instead of allowing others to do so. Nevertheless, I shouldn’t have anticipated anything different, given what he did to Dutchess on television in the first place.

That will be his method of operation until he finds a new victim. In my opinion, it is terrible (unfortunate) that a guy would go to such lengths rather than attempting to improve the issue and making it worse because this plot is the only way people will tune in and not for your skill, to put it mildly.” Her tirade didn’t come to a stop there.

Cheyenne became embroiled in a conflict with Suzette and Ceaser. Ceaser instructed her to do the dishes one evening. He afterward discovered that she had instead taken a shower. It resulted in a fight, during which Cheynne accused Ceaser of assaulting her. The authorities were summoned. And an investigation ensued.

In addition to the tension between Ceaser and Cheyenne, Cheyenne and Suzette engaged in a violent verbal battle on social media. And Ceaser felt as though he had been thrown into the heart of their quarrel. He would subsequently accuse Cheyenne’s mother, Crystal, of all the commotions. He has even filed a defamation suit against her, and both parties are eager to go to court to settle the dispute.

Caesar’s daughter Cheyenne’s Instagram