Bill Morneau net worth

Bill Morneau net worth: BILL MORNEAU IS a simple guy to distrust. Hell, i think it’s easy to only plain hate him, regardless of your political leanings. He’s rich. Too rich, even. He’s worth north of $50 million from his days as corporate bigwig—most notably, as president of Morneau Shepell, his family firm, now worth a cool $1 billion. then there’s his wife, Nancy McCain, and her vast french-fry wealth. He and his kin are the upper class, the landed elite, the 0.1 per cent.

All of which makes Morneau, the minister of finance , a simple target. For weeks, the Opposition has gone for the jugular: accusing him of hiding numbered companies, of improperly failing to disclose his, ample, corporate assets, of off-loading shares at the foremost opportune moment, and of telling relations the way to make money off the rear of the government’s decisions.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer tried to sum up these attacks during a single question in question period last week: “How is it that the prime minister is in a position to blindly trust someone who has demonstrated such ethical lapses?” The Conservatives have demanded Morneau’s resignation. they need even dragged out the C-word: corruption.

Written by Thug Memes

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