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Battle Cats Seed Tracker

Battle Cats Seed Tracker: For a dev server, run ng. Spend your time on Https:/localhost:4200/. When you change one of the source files, the app is immediately reloaded.

Battle Cats Seed Tracker
Battle Cats Seed Tracker

Tailoring of code

Run ng to create a new component name. The directive is also available to use ng generate.


To create the project, run ng build. The objects are stored in the dist/ folder. To create a production, use the —prod flag.

Unit checks running

Run ng testing to conduct Karma unit testing.

Battle Cats Seed Tracker

End to end experiments are done.

To run end-to – end testing via Protractor, run ng e2e.

battle cats seed tracker review

Cassia is a staple food for millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa because of its resistance to poor soil, harsh circumstances, pests and illnesses. Cassia is also a reliable and low-cost source of energy. Subsistence and small-scale farmers are not the only ones who profit from the crop; it also offers money and an industry for medium and large-scale businesses in the region.

Battle Cats Seed Tracker
Battle Cats Seed Tracker

Despite its widespread relevance for food security and as a cash crop, cassava is underperforming and failing to reach its full potential in terms of commercial production and processing, export, and usage in local industries, according to the World Food Security Report. It is estimated that Nigeria, the world’s greatest producer, has an average root production per hectare that is less than half of what it might be.

One of the most significant impediments to increasing cassava output in Africa is the fragmentation of the seed production value chain, which is particularly severe in Africa.

“Approximately 90 percent of cassava seed in Sub-Saharan Africa comes from the informal sector, where the quality of the seed is unknown and it is frequently infected with viruses,” says Dr. Lava Kumar, Head of the Germplasm Health Unit at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. “The seed quality is unknown and it is often infected with viruses,” she adds (IITA).

In crops that are vegetatively propagated, such as cassava, there aren’t many professional seed producers, and seed regulatory organizations frequently lack the resources and competence to promote and enforce quality seed rules in these crops.

Several scientists from the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers, and Bananas (RTB) developed an idea for a system that would overcome these obstacles to enhancing the sector and unifying the fragmented value chain, which they called the RTB System. This was accomplished through the development of ‘Seed Tracker,’ a web app that focuses on boosting cassava seed production and availability, and which can be accessed from any internet-connected device.

Battle Cats Seed Tracker

Last month, Dr. Kumar participated in a webinar organized by RTB, where he presented developments and led conversations about the possibilities of the app and its potential to improve cassava production in Sub-Saharan Africa, among other topics.

In his remarks to attendees, he stated that “this is the world’s first web app for seed value chain integration for boosting quality seed production and market access to assist seed farmers to fulfill their potential.”

With the help of Seed Tracker, institutions may more easily monitor seed quality and certify producers by collecting and organizing information about their seed production. It makes information such as seed amount, location, variety, geography, and availability readily available through the use of a computerized database. On-demand professional assistance on agronomy, plant health, and other issues is available to growers through this platform.

This program’s built-in algorithms establish connections between all essential parties, ranging from seed producers to regulators, traders, and extension services.” According to Kumar, “It is an integrated suite that offers access to digital data gathering tools from any internet-enabled device, and it is configurable for different institutional accounts.”

The Tigers have complete power over their own destiny. It is possible for them to earn their fourth straight regular-season crown if they defeat the Gamecocks, who have won five of their past six games. Auburn won the first encounter, which took place in Columbia on January 4, 81-66.

Only one team will be left in competition when the Auburn-South Carolina matchup concludes since the Razorbacks and Volunteers will play in an early game on Saturday. If three teams are tied, the first tiebreaker for the top seed in Tampa, Florida, will be the team with the highest winning percentage among the three teams who are deadlocked in their respective standings.

Battle Cats Seed Tracker
Battle Cats Seed Tracker

Arkansas has already defeated Auburn and Kentucky, and a victory over the Vols would give them a complete sweep of the SEC. Tennessee and Kentucky split their two encounters, with the Vols edging over Auburn in the final game. The Tigers came out on top over the Wildcats.