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Ashley Reeves Story Lifetime

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Ashley Reeves Story Lifetime; In 2006, Ashley Reeves (Anwen O’Driscoll), a 17-year-old girl, is found abandoned in the woods following a harrowing experience. She is found alive and paralyzed in the mud by the police after a horrific 30-hour search in the freezing weather. She will have to re-learn how to walk and speak as a result of her injuries.

Ashley Reeves Story Lifetime
Ashley Reeves Story Lifetime

Reeves’ story didn’t end when she was rescued. It took months for her to recover from the terrible brain damage she sustained in the accident. With no recollection of what happened, she embarks on a protracted and exhausting healing process in which she attempts to piece together her fragmented memories in order to figure out who was responsible.

In the aftermath of the accident, she was unable to speak, walk, or do any of her favorite hobbies. Despite being a skilled athlete, the film shows Reeves’ frustration as she strives to relearn basic motor skills. It also shows her difficulty with a community that criticized her for her sexually abusive relationship with Shelton yet opted to support the attempted murderer due to his “excellent reputation.”

When Shelton was sentenced, Reeves bravely testified at Shelton’s sentencing hearing to make sure that her side of the story was heard and that Shelton was the one to blame. she recounted the events that caused her to trust him and then be misled by him into having sex with him. In addition, Reeves said that he tried to kill her when she tried to break up with him.

He tells the crowded courtroom, “I had to dig deep and battle to restore my voice in every manner.” I had to face my own hometown, where some people were blaming me because I had fought so hard to be able to stand on my own two feet.”

17-year-old Reeves, the subject of the film

The victim of an April 2006 attack in Belleville, Illinois, perpetrated by 26-year-old Shelton. According to CBS News, Shelton cracked Reeves’ neck with his forearm while attempting to strangle her with a belt. The teenager was found more than 30 hours later in a highly wooded area. Her discovery was complicated by the fact that she was paralyzed and covered in mosquito bites.

Ashley Reeves Story Lifetime
Ashley Reeves Story Lifetime

Following the attempted murder, Shelton, like in the movie, went out on the town. That night, he was caught on camera line dancing at a nearby country music bar. It only took 12 hours of questioning before he confessed and led authorities to the place he had fled with Reeves to be captured.

A few months before the incident, Shelton, Reeves’ former middle school gym teacher, became acquainted with the adolescent. He’s willing to say that he and she had sex at least once. He claimed to have tried to kill her when she tried to break up with him, according to Crime Watch Daily.

Reeves had survived despite her injuries. A long and tough rehabilitation was required for her, on the other hand. In order to get around, the adolescent had to relearn how to walk and talk. As a result, her memory of the encounter, as well as the subsequent events, was nearly nonexistent. After a fight with Shelton, she just remembered wanting to break up with him and getting into an argument with him.

With Reeves, kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart talked about her ordeal and rehabilitation. Because of how she felt about her assailant at the time, she found it difficult to see police camera footage of officers finding her in the woods and rescuing her.

When Sam died, I was devastated since I had always considered him a friend.

It was simply dreadful and horribly sad.” “She expounded on this in an interview with True Crime Daily. As soon as everyone had told me what had taken place, it was nearly overwhelming to see what had happened and what he did.

Ashley Reeves Story Lifetime
Ashley Reeves Story Lifetime

When she was trying to break up with Shelton, Reeves claims she was injured in a fight. Although Shelton claimed that he was the one who broke up with Reeves, the rest of Reeves’ story was supported by him.

According to Shelton, he tried to throw her out of a moving car and then brought her to the park “to make it appear as though she was strangled there.” In 2007, after pleading guilty to attempted first-degree murder, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

It turns out that Shelton was merely a minor lead in the early investigations according to Lieutenant Michael Hundelt of St. Clair County Patrol Division During his initial interrogation, he gave false testimony, claiming he hadn’t seen Reeves for days.

Initially, Shelton claimed that he and Reeves had a platonic relationship but later admitted that they had a sexual relationship. When you have nothing to hide, why would you change the story so dramatically? Steven Johnson, Swansea’s police chief, told Crime Watch Daily.

When asked if she remembered anything else about their separation, Reeves said she just remembered a fight she had with Shelton. Her memory of the days leading up to and following the incident was completely erased from her mind.

Reeves’ recovery was hampered

The fact that he was found more than 30 hours after the attempted murder. Previously a superb athlete, Reeves had to re-learn how to speak, swallow and use her limbs after her accident, as reported by CBS.

Ashley Reeves Story Lifetime
Ashley Reeves Story Lifetime

As part of a Crime Watch Daily episode in 2017, she visited the site of her rescue with Smart. He said, “It’s hard to think that I was here for so long and in such a terrible shape,” Reeves commented. Perhaps I am as tough as everyone says, after all. My motto is, “I am a fighter, and I want to keep pushing myself to greater heights.”

During her research for the role, actress Anwen O’Driscoll said that she contacted Reeves but did not interrogate her about the incident with the man she represents. The trial of Shelton and Reeves’ rehabilitation are major themes in the film. O’Driscoll remarked, “I wouldn’t approach her with such a difficult subject.” In my opinion, she’s had enough of people attacking her for it, and I don’t want to hear any more about it.”

Jeremy’s automobile was found abandoned in Belleville’s Laderman Park, barely 15 minutes from Ashley’s home, eight hours after officers first assumed that Ashley had gone out with friends and had lost track of time.

During the investigation, investigators found Ashley’s bag, which contained her basketball gear, in the car. Missing person cases are always time-sensitive, and this was no ordinary case of a disobedient child breaking her parents’ stringent curfew.

Ashley Reeves Story Lifetime
Ashley Reeves Story Lifetime

Officers called Jeremy since he was Ashley’s boyfriend and the driver of the automobile she was driving, but they soon realized he was not a suspect in her abduction. A job interview and a basketball game were among the reasons why Ashley needed Jeremy’s automobile, according to what he told authorities.

Investigators questioned Ashley about why she chose to play basketball at a park so far away from her house when there was one immediately across the street to play in.