Among Us Among Us Among Us Among Us: Among us is an online social deduction multi-player game developed and released by the InnerSloth American game studio on 15 June 2018. The game is played in a spatial environment where each player is assigned one of two positions, most of which are Crewmates, and the default number is Impostors. Among Us Among Us

Play with 4-10 players online or via local wifi, trying to keep your spacecraft together and go back into civilizations. Beware … as an alien tax collector could be on board!

One of his crewmates had a parasite shapeshifter replaced. Their aim is to remove the rest of the crew until the ship gets home. The ship will be sabotaged, vents sneaked, deceive, and others framed to stay anonymous and kill the crew. Among Us

Nobody can talk to preserve anonymity while everyone fixes the boats. The survival crew openly discuss who they think The Impostor is when a corpse is reported.

The target of the impostor is to claim to be a crew member. If the impostor has not been voted off, everybody will hold the ship until there is another entity. When the Impostor has been rejected, the crew wins! Among Us Among Us