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Anna Sorokin Documentary

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Anna Sorokin Documentary; Inventing Anna” is one of the most anxiously awaited Netflix originals of the year. Shonda Rhimes, the queen of television, created and produced the miniseries, which stars Julia Garner as Anna Delvey, a phony socialite heiress

Anna Sorokin Documentary
Anna Sorokin Documentary

who conned everyone from her friends to the banks of $250,000 by leveraging her charming demeanor. It is based on an article by Jessica Pressler in “New York Magazine” on Anna Sorokin’s (her real name) elaborate plans of avarice, grandeur, and glitter, which have been exaggerated.

HBO Max will premiere a ten-part docuseries titled “Generation Hustle” in 2021. The series will follow the exploits of ten prominent con artists over the course of ten 50-minute episodes. In “Anna Delvey Takes Manhattan,”

In the fourth episode of the series, Sorokin’s friend Rachel DeLoache Williams, who paid for their lavish trip to Marrakesh, Morocco, collaborates with the NYPD to track down the prankster. The true-crime docuseries style includes interviews with the victims and the criminal mastermind. Season one of “Generation Hustle” is now streaming on HBO Max.

Netflix paid the phony German heiress Anna Sorokin alias Anna Delvey handsomely for her involvement in the Shonda Rhimes-produced docuseries Inventing Anna. According to the source, Sorokin earned $320,000 from the streamer in exchange for a life story on how she conned the wealthy.

Claim her Fund in Germany

She gained notoriety among New York’s elite after claiming to be the heiress to a 60 million trust fund in Germany. New York Magazine published an article in 2018 on her proposal to borrow money from banks to construct a mixed-use area.

Anna Sorokin Documentary
Anna Sorokin Documentary

Her story was featured on the front pages of newspapers nationwide. Sorokin obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans from rich friends with the understanding that she would reimburse them, but she never did.

Her plot came to an end when she was arrested in 2017 and imprisoned for grand larceny in 2019. Sorokin paid 199,000 in restitution, $24,000 in state fines, and $75,000 in attorney fees from the $320,000 she received from Netflix. After she paid the compensation, the courts let her retain the remaining assets.

Liam Bartlett of “60 Minutes Australia” interviewed Sorokin in April 2021 to learn more about her deception, how she pulled it off, and why she has refused to apologize.

Inventing Anna did an amazing job portraying the trial of Anna Sorokin. The offenders were sentenced to four to twelve years in prison on attempted grand larceny charges, three counts of actual grand larceny, and four counts of theft of services. After serving her term, she was released on parole from Albion Correctional Facility in February 2021. ICE, on the other hand, entered the fray at that point. Sorokin was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement six weeks after her release due to an overstay of her visa.

The reality is Anna Sorokin wrote an essay for Insider prior to the release of Inventing Anna in which she discussed her current circumstances. She is currently being held at the Orange County Correctional Facility for her “persistent risk to the community.” Sorokin also discussed how she paid back her victims with some of the money she earned from Netflix for this program.


On Instagram, she goes by the handle theannadelvey, and on Twitter, she goes by the handle @theannadelvey. “How is she doing on social media?” you may inquire. While detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Sorokin was able to create these accounts (ICE).

Anna Sorokin Documentary
Anna Sorokin Documentary

The genuine Pressler has had several run-ins with Hollywood. His writing for The Cut served as the inspiration for the 2019 film Hustlers, based on his short story “The Hustlers at Scores.”

Pressler was hired as a journalist by Vanity Fair and GQ as a result of the Sorokin case, and she also contributed to Elle and GQ. At the conclusion of Inventing Anna, it was revealed that Pressler took time away from the project to write a book titled Bad Influence: The World That Created Anna Delvey. The publication date for this book has been fixed for June of this year. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @jpressler and Pressler.

Inventing Anna has once again nailed it with the foundations. In actuality, Anna Sorokin and Rachel DeLoache Williams traveled to Morocco together, with Sorokin footing the bill. Williams’ cooperation with the police following the incident aided Sorokin’s apprehension.

Williams’ job is compounded by her benefiting from her vacation with Sorokin. Williams’ initial account of their vacation mishaps was published in Vanity Fair. Her ordeal inspired her to write a novel, My Friend Anna, which she eventually sold to HBO. Lena Dunham will take over as the project’s primary writer in February 2021.

So, where is Williams at the moment?

She was fired from Vanity Fair in 2019. Since then, Williams appears to have been promoting her book and freelance writing for various media venues. Williams, who wrote an article for Time this week, believes that inventing Anna is a horrible idea. Williams does not appear to be on Twitter, but her Instagram handle, Williams, can be seen here.

Anna Sorokin Documentary
Anna Sorokin Documentary

Is she the daughter of a Russian oligarch? No, he was a German millionaire who occasionally severed her financial ties out of anger. She had recently acquired $26 million from a distant relative. Nobody was aware of what was occurring. Everyone wanted to know as if the information weren’t significant enough.

Anna met her end when she, like the fabled Icarus, soared too near to the sun. She did it, however, is an incredible outfit, which was something. This article details Anna’s deception of Manhattan’s elite, defrauding them of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As a result, she dropped out of school and went home, only to find work in Paris as an intern for Purple magazine. When she wanted to change her name, she used the moniker Anna Delvey.

Since then, she has been located at Purple’s New York offices, where she is based during New York Fashion Week. She was able to attend some of the most exclusive parties and events in the fashion world as a result of her position. She eventually resigned from her job in order to devote herself entirely to her fake lifestyle.

When she raised $40 million to build an ultra-exclusive edifice that would include art installations and exhibitions, as well as restaurants and a hotel, the would-be billionaire took a significant risk. The historic Church Missions House on Park Avenue South and East 22nd Street in Manhattan has long been a dream of the would-be billionaire.

Anna Sorokin Documentary
Anna Sorokin Documentary

By establishing the Anna Delvey Foundation as a home for creatives and artists, she hoped to develop a reputation in the art world. Mark Hoffman admitted in Netflix’s documentary “Murder Among the Mormons” that his forgeries of critical Mormon Church documents were not exceptional; rather, they served to make his victims appear less stupid. Sorokin’s marks are no exception.

If you flaunt your sense of taste, art history, a few peculiar mannerisms, and a vague story about your German tycoon/Russian plutocrat father, people will believe anything you say. They’ll believe anything you say because they want to be a part of your lucrative friendship.