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Andrew Kenton Weight Loss

Andrew Kenton Weight Loss: Andrew Kenton, a former 90 Day Fiancé celebrity, recently shared an Instagram photo in which he showed off his 135-pound weight reduction. Andrew, a Roseville native, didn’t receive a lot of positive feedback when he initially appeared on 90 Day Fiancé season 8 with Amira Lollysa.

Andrew Kenton Weight Loss
Andrew Kenton Weight Loss

In her complaint, Amira claimed that he had abused her emotionally and had forced her to become pregnant shortly after the wedding. Andrew’s actions were deemed troubling by many admirers, with some even referring to him as a psychopath. Andrew was harassed by a large number of 90 Day Fiancé followers online for several weeks because of his inappropriate behavior.

After storming off the Tell-All stage without offering an explanation to the public for his contentious behavior towards his fiancée, Andrew faced even more criticism.

Despite the fact that Andrew was revealed to be the season’s villain, he currently has a moderate fan following on social media. In May 2021, the daycare owner shared his new appearance on Instagram and shocked 90 Day Fiancé admirers by revealing that he had lost 100 pounds in a few weeks.

Andrew appeared to be a completely different person from his presentation on the show. He admitted that he was previously self-conscious of his figure and that he had never taken his shirt off to snap a picture before. However, he appeared to be content and confident in his newly-toned physique.

Andrew Kenton Weight Loss

In a very upbeat mood on May 5, 2021, Kenton flexed his loose shirt in front of his admirers on Instagram, as seen by his post. It wasn’t so much the shirt that he was bragging about as it was the fact that it was now baggy.

He added that he had got on the scale and discovered that he had lost a good hundred pounds, which he claimed was an excellent mood booster. On this bright and beautiful day, he even agreed to participate in a brief Q&A session with the audience members.

Andrew Kenton surprised 90 Day Fiance viewers with a shirtless photo in which he displayed a significant 100-pound weight loss.

A fresh photo of the 90 Day Fiance actor was shared on his Instagram account, along with a lengthy text explaining how he was able to accomplish such an incredible achievement.

To take the photograph, Andrew posed in what seemed to be his restroom. I went on the scale today and saw I had lost 100 pounds since my highest weight,” Andrew stated.

In my fitness quest, I am well aware that I have a long way to go, but each milestone serves to motivate me even more. The jackals will have their fun, but I’m going to enjoy every milestone,” he said. “A year ago, I could never have taken a shirtless shot. Many will say I still shouldn’t, and many will say they’re right.

Andrew Kenton Weight Loss

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Andrew has already shed nearly 135 pounds as a result of his fitness regimen, which he started six months ago. To demonstrate how loose his old T-shirt now appears on him, he shared a video to his Instagram account. Andrew revealed that he wore this T-shirt when he weighed 375 pounds and that he currently weighs between 240 and 250 pounds on a regular basis.

“I’m definitely not at the height of fitness, but I’ve gone a long way and am striving for even greater fitness objectives,” he stated on his website. A calisthenic move, the front lever, is on Andrew’s bucket list for next year, after recently debuting his edgy leather makeover on the internet.

Andrew, on the other hand, was busy working on his fitness in addition to calling out 90 Day Fiancé for engaging in television pranks. Those who saw that Andrew seemed to be noticeably different from how he appeared on television accused him of applying filters on his Instagram photos.

Andrew, on the other hand, admitted that the ketogenic diet and leading an active lifestyle were the keys to his slender figure. Andrew recently showed off how much of a change his fitness program has made by dressing in the outfits from the Tell-All that will be shot in February 2021, according to People.

Fans hoping that Andrew Kenton’s big comeback to 90 Day Fiancé is the reason for all of this hard work shouldn’t hold their collective breath. However, despite the fact that anything is conceivable, Kenton made it obvious during his season that he did not approve of the way the series presented him or that it concealed some of the claimed deceptions on the part of Amira Lollysa.

Andrew Kenton Weight Loss
Andrew Kenton Weight Loss

For those who are unfamiliar with the situation, Kenton and Lollysa had initially intended to vacation together at a Mexican resort, but she was held by Mexican officials while Kenton continued to remain at the resort without her.

The couple’s relationship did not endure, despite the fact that Andrew Kenton implied at times that he questioned whether or not it was genuine in the first instance. The actress Amira Lollysa and her father, according to Kenton, worked hard to get her on television, and she hinted that being on television was more important to her than having a real connection with her.

The fact that viewers will likely never know the whole truth about the scenario, including what was and wasn’t authentic, is unfortunate, but given his past, I doubt Kenton would agree to participate in another season of 90 Day Fiancé if the opportunity presented itself.

Andrew Kenton 2021

Andrew is being quite courageous by continuing to share his fitness progress on social media, despite the fact that some 90 Day Fiancé fans have left negative comments on his images. Andrew came off as a villain and a domineering partner throughout the course of the program, but it now seems that he is attempting to modify his ways.

While Amira is ready to move on and find a new companion in a faraway place, Andrew looks to be putting in the effort to better himself. Some 90 Day Fiancé fans have taken note of Andrew’s good developments, and they have begun to send supportive words for him on his social media accounts.

The fact that Andrew has provided followers with such an honest update on his fitness journey is not the first time he has spoken about the importance of focusing on one’s own personal health and fitness.

Beginning in early 2021, fans began wondering about his slimmed-down body after seeing his many Instagram postings, in which he often discloses facts about his life and responds to fan queries. Moreover, towards the beginning of March, he stated exactly what he was doing to enhance his overall quality of life.

Andrew Kenton Weight Loss
Andrew Kenton Weight Loss

As reported by Screen Rant, Andrew responded to a fan’s inquiry on his Instagram Story on how he shed some pounds by saying that he follows a ketogenic diet and works out at a gym. The actor also responded to one of the comments, stating that he was working on his physique, but admitting to still being a “work in progress.”

Andrew claimed that Amira was to blame for his poor fan response, however, people expressed their displeasure with Andrew after the episode aired due to his actions on social media after it aired. In the end, Andrew’s drive to destroy Amira only ended in him being lambasted by fans, which resulted in him being designated as a 90 Day Fiancé villain.

While Andrew likes posting photos on social media and going to open up about his childcare work, many 90 Day Fiancé fans have had enough of him on television and do not want to see him appear in any more 90 Day Fiancé episodes or episodes of the series.