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Aj And Sasha Selling Mega Mansions

Aj And Sasha Selling Mega Mansions: The AJ and Sasha married young couples travel from Los Angeles to Aspen, Colorado to buy their first house, and maybe AJ would like something more understated for their first house, while Sasha looks for something great and spacious.

Aj And Sasha Selling Mega Mansions
Aj And Sasha Selling Mega Mansions

Walter Paepcke is known for his wife Elizabeth in 1949, which contributed to the establishment of the Aspen Institute. The city center was established through Aspen Skiing Co. and the map of the former mining town was largely carried out.

However, more bucolic efforts were also devoted to family time in the region. Paepcke ‘s daughter Paula Zurcher, now 90, says “My mother loved nature, wildlife, and flowers. “Throughout the mountains, we went all together.”

The family stumbled on one such idyll across the Erickson Ranch, which is just 10 minutes away from downtown Aspen, and quickly purchased it.

He is well recognized for co-founding the Aspen Institute with his wife Elizabeth in 1949. The Aspen Skiing Co. was essential in developing the downtown area and promoting Aspen as a tourist attraction through its efforts.

However, most of the family’s time in the area was spent doing things like hiking and camping. According to Paepcke’s daughter Paula Zurcher, the 90-year-old, Paepcke had a deep love for the environment and wildlife. Hiking in the mountains was a common pastime for us all. During one of these excursions, the family discovered the 400-acre Erickson Ranch, which is only ten minutes from downtown Aspen.

Elizabeth sold roughly 100 acres of the land after Paepcke’s death in 1960. Until her death in 1994, Elizabeth’s family held on to the rest of her possessions.

After her death, her heirs divided the land into many smaller parcels.

The founder and chairman of L Brands Inc., Leslie Wexner, purportedly bought 100 acres from a Zurcher sister, according to Zurcher. Further subdividing of the remaining 200 acres resulted in far more manageable lots. Two of these were kept by Zurcher. This included a 6,800-square-foot, contemporary mansion with seven bedrooms and five full baths that Harry Teague designed for her in 2000. It took two years to complete the construction.

Zurcher, who was originally from the Bay Area,

decided to permanently relocate there in 2004, it was meant to be a vacation house for her. Since Zurcher’s father purchased the land more than 70 years ago, she is selling the house for $17.95 million through Christie’s International Real Estate in Aspen, Colorado.

Aj And Sasha Selling Mega Mansions
Aj And Sasha Selling Mega Mansions

The Natural Environment
This half of the original site has been divided into four separate parcels, all of which are now being developed. This 50-acre open space is then crowded with these lots, which all share ownership.

That space has been preserved as a buffer to protect the residences’ privacy and unobstructed vistas. Zurcher’s home, which sits at the base of Red Mountain on 12 acres, has a private sense despite its proximity to the mountain. I wanted the place to be apart from everything,” says Zurcher. In order to avoid witnessing any traffic, “I was resolute.”

In front of the house, there is a large meadow, as well as beaver and trout ponds and elk habitat, as well as natural spring and scrub oak trees. More than 50 years after the Paepckes first visited, the wildflowers that charmed them are still blossoming in the area. The house was built to take advantage of the stunning views from Independence Pass to Mount Sopris, which can be seen from every room.

In addition to designing municipal, commercial and residential buildings in the area, Teague is also a well-known architect in Zurcher’s community. To show off her extensive collection of African and pre-Columbian art, she asked him to design a house that would be easy to maintain (it is constructed of old barn wood, rusted metal, plaster, and glass, all of which require little maintenance) as well as spacious enough to house her four children as well as their many grandchildren.

Family rooms

Charades, songs, and performances can all take place on the stage in the family’s large living room. Secret quarters beneath bookcases were requested by her grandkids. “All of the grandkids wanted to sleep there,” she continues. There is a king-sized bed in one of the chambers, while a smaller one is concealed by an intricately woven tapestry.

Aj And Sasha Selling Mega Mansions
Aj And Sasha Selling Mega Mansions

It has also been put to the test when it comes to entertaining. There is little doubt that the Zurchers are devoted members of the Aspen community. They have organized a lot of entertaining events for Zurcher and her favorite organizations, including the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, including Halloween, and birthday parties.

For more than a decade, Zurcher resided in the lavish estate. After an accident, she realized it was time to put the house on the market. On the market for $23.5 million, she put the mansion on the market in 2015.

A succession of price cuts has occurred since then since it has been on and off the market several times. This is typical of the Aspen market, which has been in decline for a number of years. This. The average price per square foot for Aspen luxury residences continued to dip in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to a survey done by Douglas Elliman Miller Samuel. Mansions took typically 47 months to sell (nearly four years).

If you want to get away from the glitz and glamour of Aspen without having to drive for more than ten minutes, this place is for you.

When asked if the land can be divided any further, she responds: “It can’t be.”

In spite of their conservative views, each of the Koch brothers has a personal connection to Aspen. While he was a keen skier before his knee gave out and forced him to give up the sport, Charles Koch is the CEO of the country’s second-largest private firm with $115 billion in revenue.

The Aspen Institute, where he serves as a trustee, has dedicated a building in his honor. At his Aspen home, he used to throw extravagant holiday parties. It’s safe to say that Bill is a household name in the neighborhood. Aside from a lawsuit against Aspen, where he is a plaintiff,

he has also made headlines for buying a 32,500-square-foot compound in the upper Castle Creek Valley that was used for weddings and corporate events and converting it into a 15-bedroom single-family home; for suing his interior designer for improperly decorating the home; and for trying to sell the property for $90 million.

Aj And Sasha Selling Mega Mansions

Aspen is more than a holiday destination for the Kochs. Charles and David met at St. Regis in 2010 for one of their twice-yearly conferences of conservative investors who support their conservative agenda. It was great to see fellow Aspen millionaires Ken Griffey and Richard DeVos there too!

In 2015, this mansion in Hillsboro Beach, Florida (about an hour north of Miami), was listed for $159 million. At the time, it was the most expensive property listing in the United States.

For three years, though, the 60,000-square-foot compound went unused. In the end, the estate was put up for auction and sold in November 2018 for $22.5 million, which was less than half of the initial asking price. This is a 73% reduction in the price of the product.

According to Adam, “the money spent on custom houses is not equal to the eventual sales price.” Super-luxury real estate has a diminishing yield and a point of no return.